Bumble B Roadshow.


Bumble B roadshow is a family and children entertainment business owned and run by my dad.
Ever since I was very young I knew being on stage and performing in any way I could was going to be the career path I’d like to pursue and be involved with in the future.

When I was twelve my dad asked me if I would like to help out at a private children’s party, much to my delight I couldn’t wait to get there.
I of course was very excited, however what happened next I don’t think any twelve year old would have been prepared for and that was to do the “warm up” before my dad took over and continued the show. I remember having this amazing feeling, and knew that I wanted it to continue.

As weeks passed I was going to more and more children’s parties, weddings and school discos as my dad’s “Roady” this continued more or less every weekend until I was around eighteen years old.

And have to say I absolutely loved every second.


Impact live (Internet Radio Station)

I always liked the thought of being a TV or Radio presenter, I was given the chance to do so when again my dad got me involved with an online radio station called Impact live run by Alex Kerr.

It gave me an insight of how a radio station would run. Yes be it on a small scale, however at the age of fifteen years old and still in school it was pretty cool having people listening to your show and calling in with requests etc. It did give me the urge to then make me want to study Media when leaving school.



Touch FM/Banbury Sound

Just as I was due to finish my final year in media studies at college, I heard an advert on the radio for promotional staff for a local FM radio station, it was now I had to make the decision to push for radio presenting or to continue in education, in the end I bit the bullet and went for the radio.

I was fortunate enough to get the job on the promotions team, this consisted of attending local events, dressing as the mascot and handing out various branded prizes to the public.

I then had a call asking to report back live on air from the event (Outside Broadcast) I did this albeit nervous, I got through it and was told It sounded great and came across well.

Within about two months of my first live link back to the studio, I was given the evening show Monday to Friday from 6pm-10pm


I loved it, the calls, the competitions, the outside events and working in such an exciting fast paced industry.



Waterside Holiday Park.

Since I had been young, I had always been on holiday to the well-known family holiday parks here in England. I remember my sister and I waiting at the doors of the evening venues an hour before they opened just so we could get the front central table. I used to watch the entertainers year after year thinking I would love to do this one day.

Then one night when I was twenty years old, I was hosting an event in Banbury. I got talking to a guy who said that he had a friend in Weymouth who was looking for someone to host in the cabaret venue on a seasonal basis.

Within a week I was having an interview 160miles away from home, with who I didn’t realise then was going to be my boss for two successful years of hosting and general entertainment duties at one of the leading holiday parks in the country.

Hosting and entertaining crowds of up to six to seven hundred people each night for me was something of a dream.


Television projects.


Property Showcase – Property Channel

 I was involved with researching and presenting my findings on Sky TV on the topic of the property market in and around Oxford.

Interac TV – 4ME

I was fortunate to be asked to go over to Budapest Hungry to present live to Australia on channel “4ME” this consisted of me using, Talk Back in a live setting, as it was used during an interactive TV show.

“I am spasticus” – Channel 4

My first appearance on television was when I was pranked, during an audition in London, not exactly the TV appearance I was after but non the less is was all in good spirits.

Voice of the Voiceless

Voice of the Voiceless, was a volunteer structured production team, who made small documentaries and interviews on topics which are normally either side stepped on a day to day basis or everyday scenarios. That people want the public to be more aware of. The interview I carried out was with a transgender lady, and interviewing to raise awareness of this topic.

Fulham Football Club – Announcing

I saw that there was a search for a new match day announcer at Fulham football club. I applied and after two telephone interviews, a visit to the training ground and another face to face interview unfortunately I came runner up in the search. I have to say however it was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed it immensely.

Febreeze Project

I applied to take part in a TV project for the brand “Febreeze” it included a number of telephone interviews, the production company came to my work to meet my work colleagues, I spent two days doing a screen test in Camden studios and unfortunately I again came second in that search. It was however a fantastic experience and again adds to my presenting skills and being in front of camera experience.

Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire Council.

I have worked closely with Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire County council and presented there “elections training” video for Poll Clerks and Presiding Officers. It was one day of shooting and a day of recording the audio (voice overs). This will be used prior to the next elections in these counties. I since then have been asked to carry out more presenting work for the council.


Cancer Research.

I was asked if I would host a charity event in Tower Bridge London for Cancer Research. Without a thought I agreed, and this event was fantastic. With interaction with everyone present along with me being put in charge of the auction, which meant a lot of quick wit and humour to make the evening go out with a bang. They raised a lot of money for a fantastic cause, and I was part of that successful process.